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6) Frankie Pereira  Male
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Little sister, I am still in shock and having a hard, hard time but you need to see your kids they are taking it rough also., I'll be fine and soon all 4 of us will be together, can't believe I'm the last one! BAWL! , miss you went to grab the phone to call you and wish you a Happy Easter guess from now on I'll have to come here to talk to you and you can answer back in my dreams. (like every else) going to miss you, just wish you would of listened to me early in life and it would of been different. But it is what it is. I Love You little sister (spins the clown aroumd the door once) See you soon. Cool dream the other night you Chain and tiny were all talking to me, couldn't hear you though... miss ya kid and Char, Happy Easter! BAWL!
5) A Friend  Female
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Charlene we had some great times together, I seen this on FB and was floored, I wuz wondering why you stopped calling, didn't know you got married. Well heard your health got bad and your in a better place, with your parents. Is your brother still around? I will have to look, Rest In Paradise Char, and I pray for you.

Fran Send E-mail 4-3-2015 08:46
And, still here had my own thing go down but thanks He still has not called me about it. She was cremated so guess we are going to do a small family thing ourselves and they put this up so everyone can have their moments of memories.
4) Dawn Wright (Zavislak)  Female
Philadelphia, PA
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Frankie, Debbie and Family,
The pain is unbearable I remember losing Tommy and my Mom like yesterday. If you can find any comfort in knowing Char's pain is gone, please try. I know it sucks to read that, but how else do we start to heal?? I feel the pain of Tommy and my mom everyday so know you are not alone even though it may feel that way.
3) michelle romanelli volk  Female
Bear, DE
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I have known you since you were a little girl and watched you grow into a beautiful woman. May you rest in Peace with your Mom & Dad! I am very sad at your p#@*%!ing. All my Prayers!

Fran Send E-mail 4-3-2015 08:54
Thanks Dawn, yea just the way it was handled, Her husband told her kids who told me, she was cremated and split in 3 urns . Not Happy, she wanted a funeral, that sob makes 200k a year being a bank examiner and couldn't give anyone closure, cheap sob. Well I had this put up and still a few to go add to it, need more pics , kids will get them. But it's just me, everyone's crossed. I have a couple cousins but think all that's left of the old is me, and I'm only 53 ?????
NUTS! but Thanks Honey miss your mom and Tommy too. miss a lot of them....
2) lisa Bucher  Female
United States
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I'm so sorry to hear about Charlene I'm sending my condolences love ya.
1) Frankie  Male
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3-3-2015 00:18 Write a comment Send E-mail Permalink

Charlene, I can't believe after all these years your actually crossed over, I am still in shock, I wish so much wasn't going on when you needed us the most. John didn't do as you requested and give you a proper service and no worries because I and the family made you this and it's you! I suggested all you loved. The pond, the swans, the clowns the good times, Chain, I get them a marquee script to scroll pictures across the bottom of the presentation for you which will conclude it and will stay up as long as I am alive to pay for it. I wish I had more control over What you wanted but you went to soon. This is the only closing I get so made the best of it for you and me , love ya kid! I love you little sister , and watch over those who love you, I'm good, let me take care of a few things and I'll be there to join you all, give mom , dad everyone my love :) <3 YOU CHARLENE!
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