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Charlene, I can't believe after all these years your actually crossed over, I am still in shock, I wish so much wasn't going on when you needed us the most. John didn't do as you requested and give you a proper service and no worries because I and the family made you this and it's you! I suggested all you loved. The pond, the swans, the clowns the good times, Chain, I get them a marquee script to scroll pictures across the bottom of the presentation for you which will conclude it and will stay up as long as I am alive to pay for it. I wish I had more control over What you wanted but you went to soon. This is the only closing I get so made the best of it for you and me , love ya kid! I love you little sister , and watch over those who love you, I'm good, let me take care of a few things and I'll be there to join you all, give mom , dad everyone my love :) <3 YOU CHARLENE!
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