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1) michelle romanelli volk  Female
Bear, DE
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I have known you since you were a little girl and watched you grow into a beautiful woman. May you rest in Peace with your Mom & Dad! I am very sad at your p#@*%!ing. All my Prayers!

Fran Send E-mail 4-3-2015 08:54
Thanks Dawn, yea just the way it was handled, Her husband told her kids who told me, she was cremated and split in 3 urns . Not Happy, she wanted a funeral, that sob makes 200k a year being a bank examiner and couldn't give anyone closure, cheap sob. Well I had this put up and still a few to go add to it, need more pics , kids will get them. But it's just me, everyone's crossed. I have a couple cousins but think all that's left of the old is me, and I'm only 53 ?????
NUTS! but Thanks Honey miss your mom and Tommy too. miss a lot of them....
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